The first companies that provided cable television services in Lithuania were registered as far back as 1989-1990, i.e.“Balticum-TV” inKlaipėda, “Parabolė” in Kaunas, “Remo” in Kaišiadorys, “Roventa” in Mažeikiai, “Telesat” in Šilutė. The mentioned year has become a beginning of cable television network construction and development. At the end of year 1994, more than 20 companies were already operating in the major cities of Lithuania as well as regional centers and other towns. These companies provided retransmission services of satellite television channels via cable television networks.

Due to the increasing number of cable TV networks and companies in various regions of Lithuania it became necessary to create an organization that would represent general interests of the mentioned companies, i.e. interests of cable TV operators.

Group of companies that were engaged in production of various equipment for reception of TV signals and offering cable TV retransmission services made a decision to establish Lithuanian Cable Television Association in the meeting on 21st of October 1994.

On the 3rd of February 1995, the Constituent Assembly was summoned. 13 companies (hereinafter “Incorporators”) signed an Agreement on the Establishment of Association in the meeting as well as approved Articles, determined main activity guidelines, selected a president, vice president, Board of the Association and formed administration.

The group of Incorporators consisted of 10 companies that provided retransmission services and 3 companies that were engaged in planning, production and installation of TV equipment and satellite TV reception systems.

24 February 1995, the Association and its Articles were registered in the State Register of Companies. This date is considered as the official date of the Lithuanian Cable TV Association establishment.

The Association was intended for providers of particular services, i.e. retransmission of television and radio channels to subscribers. Now, the right to join the Association belongs to all legal bodies (irrespective of their legal form) that are incorporated in Lithuania in compliance with the order established by laws and have a legal control over the infrastructure of electronic communications and (or) networks for retransmission of TV and radio channels (whether own programming or programming received from other sources) to network subscribers as well as provide services such as information society, electronic communications and other additional services.

By present time the Association comprises 37 companies. The members of the Association own 125 networks located in 72 cities and towns. As a result, cable TV networks providing channels retransmission services are functioning not only in regional centres or major cities of Lithuania but also in all settlements with the population larger than 10 000. Even in villages such as Venta, Rietavas, Pagegiai cable TV networks are located. The number of cable TV subscribers in Association members networks has increased more than 445 thousands. According to the average number of members in Lithuanian families it can be stated that more than 1 millions of Lithuanian residents watch TV channels retransmitted by Association members (this equals to 62 percent of Lithuanian cable TV market).

Main laws regulating specific transmission and retransmission activity in Lithuania are: Law on Provision of Information to the Public, Law on Electronic Communications, Law on Copyright and Related Rights and these have been changed for several times during the activity period of Association. Association participates in the creation of laws as wells as other legal acts related to the provisions of the mentioned laws and gives generalized propositions of Association’s members. These Association actions are targeted to ensure fair competition and business development on behalf of its Members and Lithuanian residents as the users of the services provided by its members. We hope that experience will be very useful.

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