Association considers interests of members of association as well as evaluates consumers’ needs and expectations. Activity of association is very diverse; it is constantly growing along with possibilities of informational technologies and services offered by its members. Objectives of Association are set in regulations certified by the general meeting of association members. The following Association objectives are singled out:

To solve questions concerning creation and development of legal base of services offered by members of Association in order to create transparent and non-discriminating environment, that would allow successfully develop the business of TV and radio programs transmission, retransmission, informational society as well as electronic communication services.
To represent members while solving current issues in institutions controlling activity of transmission, retransmission as well as electronic communications; to defend the rights of Association or its separate members as well as their legal interests in public, public administration institutions and other organizations.
To put forward proposals and to participate actively in preparing documents of infrastructure of electronic communication and projection of networks, operational and managerial standards and other normative documents.
To represent in negotiations with other subjects acting in electronic communication sectors having significant influence to activity of association members.
To represent members of Association in negotiation with Lithuanian and foreign agencies of collective administration of copyrights and neighbouring rights as well as legal and natural persons (subjects of copyrights and neighbouring rights) while solving questions concerning acquiring, transmitting, retransmitting TV and radio channels as well as other audio visual works and phonograms.
To coordinate actions of association members in order to receive equal conditions for transmission and retransmission of TV and radio channels, to act as an agent of transmission and retransmission of these channels including license or assignment agreements, which Association or its institutions conclude with broadcasters or their representatives.
To organize conferences, seminars, trainings, to take part in exhibitions, to gather information that is interesting to association members and to provide informational service.
To organize market researches of services offered by association members, to analyse the impact of development of informational technologies and telecommunications on activity of Association members.
To summarize internal economic and technical information of Association members and to use it for making forecasts of activity as well as for preparing long term strategies.
To arrange joint projects of association members, to cooperate finances for these projects and organize their implementation.
To affiliate with similar organizations from Lithuanian and abroad and interchange economic, technical, legal and other information and experience in favour of Association members.
To announce information in Lithuanian and foreign publications interested to association members, partners as well as consumers, to develop relations with society and to popularize services offered by association members.
In accordance with these objectives the General meeting of association members sets main guidelines for each year. Association is lead by collegial managing body – the Board of association, which accounts for the results of Association activity once per year during General Meeting or special meetings, if any are called. Daily activity of Association is organized and carried out by LCTA administration. Objective working groups lead by Board members are constituted for implementation of corporate projects as well as solution for special questions.